I created my website with Zola


I've been thinking that I need to make my own website for a while now, so I've been making it in plain HTML and trying out Hugo and lume, but I think I'm finally going to settle on Zola.


So, it's still a bit rough, but I got it deployed quickly for the time being.


The repository is


A note about Zola is


So far, I've only had the impression that I can touch it without problems since I've traced the documentation almost straight through. The documentation is extensive, so there seems to be no problem as long as I don't do anything too elaborate. Deployment is also easy, as Zola is provided as a preset in Cloudflare Pages, so all you have to do is provide the environment variables as described in the documentation. There is one thing that bothers me, when I open an HTML file in Neovim to tweak Tera, the filetype is htmldjango and LS won't start. However, I just neet to give it a filetype, so there is no problem.

I'll tweak things as I go along to make it look and feel right.